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About Uganda Web Hosting LTD

High Quality Web Design Since 2012

Uganda Web Hosting is owned by Eway Systems (U) LTD.  We have been building websites since 2011 and provide a range of related services to ensure our clients get everything they need to run their online business.   We have a highly skilled team of web designers, online marketing experts and web developers to ensure your project is completed as efficiently as possible and to the highest standards.  Uganda Web Hosting LTD has developed websites for Major companies, such as the World Health Organization in Miami, Crane Bank and The Independent Magazine among many others.  View our portfolio here:  Website Portfolio

Main Focus Areas
Our main services include web design, all types of web development and online marketing.   We have a highly skilled team and anyone working with us has over 5 years of professional level experience in the task they are assigned to. We can handle small or very large projects.  Our programming skills range from simple design and development edits, to extremely large and complex web development projects taking months to build.

Why Choose Us

  • In business since 2010
  • Experts in online marketing, design and development, all in one.
  • Over 7 years experience
  • One-on-one customer service direct with the owner!
  • 100% Custom Designs
  • No long term contracts
  • Free training videos
  • Free logo with most website packages
  • Onsite support ticket system and forum
  • Phone support

Contact us today for a free estimate over the phone or via email.  Simply fill in this short web design estimate form and I will contact you.

Helping Small Business Succeed in Uganda

Uganda Web Hosting LTD  is here for one reason: to help small businesses succeed online. With over five years of experience, we know what small businesses in Uganda need to succeed on the web. We’re here to help with easy solutions that grow your business:

  • Every Website, Social Media Page, Online Marketing program and eCommerce solution we build starts with an in-depth interview. We want to understand your business. We use this information along with our years of experience to build you a powerful web presence.
  • Uganda Web Hosting LTD’s designers and copywriters are experts at optimizing for Google™, Yahoo!®, Bing™, Facebook and many others. Every website we build comes with marketing. We make sure your business gets found.
  • If you already have a website we can help you too. Check out  Online Marketing. There are hundreds of places you need to market your business online. We put you in all of them quickly and cost effectively.
  • Uganda Web Hosting LTD understands how important it is to keep your website and social media pages fresh. Just give us a call. We’re always here to make a change, post a comment or freshen things up.
  • For those of you that want to build things on your own, you’ll have access to our website control panel and online builder tools. These tools are designed to enable small businesses to build amazing websites and have them get found.

Not sure where to start? We’re here to help.  Call Uganda Web Hosting LTD at 0715122138 to get started.

Website Name Registration in Uganda

Our guarantee

There are many things about Uganda Web Hosting LTD that you need to know and one of the most important things is our guarantee and promise to you. We take pride in our work and below is a list of our guarantees and promises that we take very seriously.

To stay online

Uganda Web Hosting LTD is  a hosting company, and we take uptime and keeping your websites online seriously. We will do anything that is possible to keep you online and make sure everything is operating smoothly. That is our word to you.

To stay current

Being in the technological world we’re in today, we’re here to make sure that we’ll provide you with the latest technology and most up to date software and experience. This means that we’ll be constantly looking for the next new thing to add to our feature list, and keeping all of our customers up to date on the latest technology. That is our guarantee.

To be professional

Professionalism & honesty is always the best policy and Uganda Web Hosting LTD will always stand by them. You have our word that our staff will always act in a professional manner and if there is a problem, rest assured we’ll let you know what the exact issue was. If there is ever a reason that you feel that we’ve been unprofessional or dishonest, please feel free to contact our management.

To support you

With so many companies to choose from out there, one thing that differentiates Uganda Web Hosting LTD from other companies is our support staff. Any issues you have for us, we promise that we’ll do our best to resolve it and respond to you in the quickest manner possible.

To listen

Last, but not least, we promise to listen to you. No company can be truly successful without listening to their clients and acting upon their clients’ feedback. After all, customers have priority above everything. Thus it is our guarantee to you that we’ll listen, whether you have any suggestions or comments on our services, or wish for us to add new features, we’ll always be here listening. So, if you have anything to share, please let us know. We’ll be listening.

1 year money-back guarantee

Not happy with the hosting service? Can’t get going with the product? We would be surprised, as we have the most advanced hosting platform in the world, powered by eleven2 but if you are unhappy then we offer a no-fuss money-back guarantee. Please note that this excludes the cost of any domain names you have purchased, which you will still own.

Cancel anytime

No contracts to sign and no minimum terms, simply contact customer services if you wish to cancel your account.